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Artist Alan Forbes Point Alan Forbes
Following his tenure in the Tower Art department, he began a successful commercial Art career in the music industry...

Artist Julie Friel Point 1 Julie Friel
To tell the story behind my art, I would have to tell the story of many artists known and unknown...

Artist Danny Hughes Point 1 Danny Hughes
Artist and spiritual crusader Danny Hughes has a profound gift he is compelled to share with the world...

Artist Agata Jelen Point 1 Agata Jelen
Drawing for me is my happiness, my passion, my life....

Artist Skeez Point 1 Skeez!
I feel very blessed to be continuing my passion of graffiti through commissioned works...

Artist Jeremy Crabtree Point 1 Jeremy Crabtree
Growing up in the woods is an all-encompassing tonic. The surface world in which we live is...

   Central Elements Film
Hollywood Fight Club Productions
Artist Alexx Thompson Point 1Alexx Thompson
Alexx is a meditative visual storyteller, a poet. His style of filming and editing has a way of floating off the screen...

David Danino Film Point 1 David Danino
"If only my Passion could be understood then my insanity will be accepted."

Fourth World Media Film Point 1 Fourth World Media
In 1991, fine artist, Jamaal Fort, began his career in Hollywood as an Art Director...

Vladmir Jedlicka Film point 1
Vladimir Jedlicka
Vladimir Jedlicka is a director and fashion photographer, originally hailing from Zurich...

Cutthroat Studios
Artists Central Elements Studios
Contained in one day, there is enough love to free the entire world, and enough fear to enslave it.

Central Elements Art Collective presents Danny Hughes

Central Elements Music
Musician Push Hitz Records Point 1 Push Hitz Records
An organization determined to bring back positive, inspirational Reggae and Dancehall music.
Musician Mia Rey Point 1 Mia Rey
One of the hottest new artists to come out of the Miami music scene. Her urban pop style is evident in her sassy sound.
Musician Chuckii Booker Point 1 Chuckii Booker
Is a producer, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and bandleader. He emerged in the late 1980s as a prominent urban contemporary R & B artist and producer...
Music Group Electronics Free Men Point 1 Electronics Free Men
Created in march 2005 by David Salomon, young extraterestrial bass player. Big sound, heavy groove bass...
Musician Stick 3x Point 1 Stick 3X
Stick3X is a multi-talented bassist, songwriter and vocalist.His brand of fusion has been acknowledged throughout his career...
Musician Darnell White Point 1 Darnell White
Darnell's music is  in the vein of nu-jazz; smooth and organic, with a heavy simpatico groove. Odd rhythmic accents and a zen-like cadence blanket his sound...
Musician Macguyvah Point 1 Macguyvah
Seth started to experiment with basic music manipulation programs like Acid and the like until he came across Reason....
Music Group Year of the Dragon Point 1 Year of the Dragon
punk, funk,and metal Year of the Dragon is the whole package.great songs and lively, energetic live shows from veterans in the game...
Music Group Fishbone
Point 1Fishbone
Fishbone lives up to their legend as THE group to bridge the gap between the funk of George Clinton and the blare of Rush...
Music Group London Cowboys Point 1 London Cowboys
In the beginning, the start of the London Cowboys really goes back to when Barry Jones and Steve Dior met in 1975...

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CEntral Elements Poetics

Poet Alexx Thompson Point 1 Alexx Thompson
His voice is an organ as strong as his heart with perhaps a more crucial and venturesome need for expression...

Poet Dr Madd Vibe Point 1 Dr.Madd Vibe
Dr. Madd Vibe is here to provide a comprehensive link to a new unseen side of poetry and...

Poet J Minor Point 1 J. Minor
J Grew up on the road in punk rock bands. In the late 1990s he moved to the south side of Chicago, and founded Novacaine Records...

Poet Seth Pierce Point 1 Seth Pierce
"I'm Seth Pierce, 21,
currently residing in
North Everett,
Washington. I grew up...

Poet Taalam Acey Point 1 Taalam Acey
Taalam Acey may be the hardest working spoken word artist of his generation.

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Stick 3x-Life at the backhouse

London Cowboys-Hollywood '92

Taalam Acey-True Lies

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